1) How much is tuition?

Standard tuition is $5400.00 per year and can be made in monthly installments of $450.00. We operate on a 48 - 52 week school calendar year and are open all year around. There are no prorated periods for absences or vacation periods. A late fee of $10 per day is added until balance is paid in full. A mandatory annual $120 academy fee is due yearly. If a child is absent due to illness, vacation, family issue, etc. full tuition is due to hold place in school. No prorated tuition agreements will be honored. The child will not be admitted back unless tuition is paid in full. Families are eligible for a discount if quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments are made. see Tuition Schedule

2) Is there a discount for more than 1 child?

No. The standard tuition rate is per child.

3) Is Freedom Home Academy only located in Chicago or are there other locations throughout the country?

At this time, we have 1 Freedom Home Academy location, which is at 11331 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL. Freedom Home Academy is for children ages 6 and up. We also have a School of Literacy pre-school for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, located at 8149 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL. And, we have The Ashaki Bochum-Kline Institute of Advanced Learning for 5 year olds, located at 9535 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL.

4) How do I contact the School of Literacy and the Ashaki Bochum-Kline Institute of Advanced Learning?

The number to SOL located at 8149 S. Stony Island is 773-933-8540. The number to the ABK Institute located at 9535 S. Jeffrey is (773) 375-7740.

5) Do you have a high school?

At this time, we do not have a high school.

6) I’ve tried contacting the school several times and there’s no answer. Why is that?

We do not have a traditional school office with someone to answer the phone and return calls daily during school hours. While we are excited to have such a groundswell of interest in and support for our schools, the majority of our focus, efforts and resources is placed into executing our academic program for our students. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

7) What is the curriculum?

In an Afrikan centered context, our purpose is building Afrikan children to be exceptional, academically intense, driven and disciplined human beings. Its organic approach concentrates on Reading, Mathematics, Focus, Geography, Health, and Cultural Enrichment. We are a private home school institution with specific measurable goals.

We offer French, Kiswahili, Tai Chi, Piano, Science, Biology, and more in a home school environment.

The vision is to build a grand Afrikan that will display to the world a new type of leader with a global self-determined, politically whole, and holistically substantial stake in his or her own global independence.

We feel that all Afrikan children have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited–and–limiting–perception of society. Considering the constant challenges and views against the progress of building warriors for the future of Afrikan people in this context, we recognize that our program may not be the best fit for every child’s social/behavioral disposition. With this understanding, we respectfully reserve the right to not admit students in the pre-screening of admission. This program is holistic in nature that addresses how the world is viewed. Therefore we teach about international policy and how it places the Afrikan so that our students can be clear on how to move with confidence in this competitive world.

If you would like more in-depth information regarding our curriculum, please schedule an appointment for a tour.

8) I live out of state. Can I purchase your curriculum?

Currently, we do not have our curriculum available for purchase. Please view our facebook page for our recommendations on products and resources available for purchase, that we incorporate into our program and/or highly recommend.

9) I live out of state and I would like to homeschool my children and achieve some of the same success that you are, but I have no idea where to begin. What do I do?

Please contact us if you would like more information about our consulting services.

10) When can I enroll my child? What is the enrollment process?

Children are enrolled at anytime throughout the year, as we operate on a 48 - 52 week school calendar year and are open all year around. see School Year Calendar Please view our enrollment checklist below:

Enrollment Checklist

  1. Schedule appointment for tour
  2. Receive a Registration packet on the tour
  3. Call Info line (773-634-0616) to confirm your start date
  4. Arrive to FHA on start date with tuition and completed registration packet
  5. Attend the new parent orientation (held on the 3rd Friday of every month)

11) What are school hours?

Children may be dropped of starting at 7:30 am, and need to be picked up no later than 6:30 pm.

He who does not know, can know from learning.

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